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Making trees is what we do ... 

We can facilitate a range of work, expertly and efficiently keeping intentions true to form; its all about the tree

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Maintenance + Styling + Design 

Bonsai are a continually changing and evolving art form. They require constant creative attention and maintenance with an open perspective. This allows the tree to perpetually develop forward. 

Servicing of your tree may include:

  • Designing

  • pruning

  • wiring

  • cleaning

  • exhibition prep

  • pest and disease management

Maintenance work $50/hr

Styling + Design $50 /hr   Min charge $150 quoted and paid 25% upfront. 



Repotting is a high intensive and material rich process. We take on the whole process including materials involved in making the work. This may be maintenance or reconstructive work. We Specialise in repotting of difficult trees, severe angle changes and yamadori repots.

(includes all materials + tailor made substrate for your specific tree)

Price is quoted and paid 25% upfront





An important part of Bonsai is the space in which you practice. This service, allows us to work in collaboration with you to design a harmonious and productive space that will maximise the growth and creation of your trees. 

 Delivered via phone call or in person.

(Min charge of $150 when delivered in person)

$ 50/hr

To contact us for further information about our Services, or to book yourself in please either email us or send us a Booking + Inquiry form at the bottom of the page.